Butterfly Concierge

Experience the exquisite winged creatures of the Ayung Valley

Kupu Kupu Barong Villas and Tree Spa by L’Occitane now offers guests the chance to discover and connect with a rarely-seen side of the island with an experienced and knowledgeable Butterfly Concierge – who guide guests through the jungles, paddies and villages of the neighbouring countryside on a quest to spot the many hundreds of Bali’s native butterfly species.

Not only a butterfly tour though, Darma, a local from the Kedewatan district and ten-year veteran staff member, will guide guests through a traditional Balinese compound where they will witness the daily routines, rites and rituals of the supremely religious Balinese people. The Balinese calendar is a never-ending cycle of offerings for the gods interspersed with grand temple ceremonies full of spectacular colour, pageantry and ritual. Visit the Desa and Puseh temples in the village of Kedewatan – temples respectively dedicated to the gods Brahma and Vishnu. From there, continue deeper into the Ayung valley, to the Gangsar Cave, a mystical site made famous in a scene from the film Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts.

Standing at the literal edge of Bali’s longest river, the Ayung, pause for photos and again glimpse the butterflies of the island. Witness the timeless, bucolic activities of the farmers who have lovingly tended these picturesque rice terraces over the centuries. The tour then continues to Pesiraman, a temple of holy waters. Next you’ll venture to the spa villa where our L’OCCITANE Therapists will be waiting to guide you through a traditional 120 minutes treatment begin with Foot bath ritual to cleanse and refresh before starting treatment and followed by a shooting 90 minutes Balinese massage to re energize the body with palming, acupressure, long stroke movement and conclude with relaxing mind with verbena bathing ritual to re embossed the mood with the fresh fruit refreshments.

150 U$D
Per Person


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